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new here!

I joined charmcity yesterday and realized this was on the userinfo so I also posted in there but!

I just moved back to Baltimore from Reno NV. I loooooove Sushi and I know of no sushi bars around here with REALLY good all you can eat sushi.

Suggestions? Places I shouldn't try? Gimme the scoop.

Mick O'Sheas Irish Pub

Has anyone eaten there before? What did you think? Is it loud? How about during the week? Do I ask too many questions?

I'm looking for a place to have a Meet-Up, and I'd prefer something like an Irish Pub, and that one looks promising. I suppose I could go there myself, but I'd like to get some other peoples thoughts on it before I do.

hey folks.

i have a friend coming to town for a day or so sometime soon, and she's a vegetarian...this is all well and good, but i'm stumped. i have no idea what kind of restaurants out there cater to folks with veggie diets...and i don't mean the "oh, just order a no-meat" sort of place, either. we'll probably be going to Fells the day she's here, and i'm hoping there's a restaurant 'round there that WILL cater to her diet specifics. i can deal with a veggie meal if need be, though i do prefer meat in my food...however, i'm more interested in catering to her needs as it's a need, rather than a choice, for her. any ideas?

worst case scenario, we'll head over to whole foods near President St, but i'd like to avoid going there if possible.

thanks in advance!

xposted a few places, sorry if you see this more than once.

FA Cup at Reilly's

The FA Cup is being shown live at the Life of Reilly's Irish pub on 2031 East Fairmount Ave in Butchers Hill... Time opening 9:30am. Happy hour prices during the game, and an English Breakfast is being offered...

See you there if interested...

x-posted to Baltimore_city AND Charmcity...

Tis is a great place to eat anyway and I'm not just saying that because I work there... *Shameless Plug*

What's up with Yabba Pot?

What's the deal with Yabba Pot? Are they back at the St. Paul St. location? I drove by there quickly and could have sworn I saw a Yabba Pot sign out of the corner of my eye... was I just seeing things? I thought they had pulled out of the St. Paul St. location completely.

- Tyldak



anyone ever eaten at salt?

what did you think?


thanks for the indian carryout suggestions from a post i made months ago. i have found a new indian carryout - the himalaya house - it's fantastic!

might I suggest...

Going to the BMA. It's free and there's a really cool sculpture of a hippogriff up right now in this show: http://www.artbma.org/exhibitions/index.html

and may I also suggest eating here?


I had:
oyster stew (great even though the server forgot the "red pepper foam")
mashed chayote (like cheesy potatoes)
mashed acorn squash with cranberries (yum)
fennel and salmon salad (light and the only part of my meal that wasn't a starch)
yucca citrus salad (might make at home)

and also tried:
buffalo steak
a chicken tamale
chips and guac
wild rice salad
buffalo chili
tres leches (dessert)
mexican hot chocolate

all good, but the tres leches was a knockout!
Dominicano Internacional Restaurant

601 S. Conkling St.

Baltimore, MD 21224


Went here for dinner this evening. Very nice place. Plenty of food for the price. The young lass though hardly spoke a word of English, though I have to admit her English was better than 4 peoples spanish... It did take a while for us to get the check... I'd definately go again... Oh one thing it is take your own as they don't have a liquer license as yet... I'd definately go back...

new trinidadian place in waverly

trinidad gourmet
418 e. 31st street

my co-worker and i tried this place out yesterday (it just opened on thursday). it's not really a restaurant, more of a take-out place with a counter and some stools. but it's new-looking and nice.

here's some of what's on the menu, from what i could make of it:
roti with:
curry (beef, chicken, goat, shrimp or fish)
veggies: aloo/channa, pumpkin, green beans, mashed potatoes, cabbage/spinach, fried plaintains
or both.
you can get those things with pelau rice or rice and peas instead of roti.
phoulourie and chutney
aloo pies
beef or chicken patties
fried chicken and french fries "trinni style"

they also have breakfast. the prices are really reasonable and the portions are generous (my lunch became both lunch and dinner for me). the food is mostly really good. i would definitely recommend it especially if you live in the greater charles village/waverly area. it's right across 31st street from normals books. there are a couple new businesses in waverly, making an effort to "bring up the neighborhood" (as one of the managers at john's place on greenmount once put it).

they're just starting out, so give them a try and spread the word!

yummy dessert

hey there-

i'm trying to decide where to take a friend tonight for a celebratory after dinner dessert and coffee or dessert and drink. i eat out a fair amount, usually at places like Golden West or Sobo Cafe and am thinking it'd be fun to go somewhere new. I already know about Vaccaro's and the 2 crepe places. Thanks!


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