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Vegan and Vegitarian restaurants

Hey peeps.

I'm in the process of going veg, and am looking for outstanding restaurants in the city limits or even just outside of the city.  Thoughts?


Hey, I was wondering if any of you all were sake drinkers. Are there any brands you particularly like? Do you prefer filtered or unfiltered? How do you feel about sake cocktails? Do you like yours warmed or chilled? What are your favorite Japanese places that serve sake/What restaurants serve sake the way you like? Where would you recommend a sake appreciator go out to dinner?

Thanks for any input!

Fiesta Mexicana

Fiesta Mexicana. Fiesta Mexicana. Fiesta Mexicana. Remember that name. Fiesta Mexicana is a little authentic Mexican restaurant in Rosedale, and it serves the finest food I have ever tasted. I like to eat, and I appreciate good food. I've gorged myself at Fogo de Chão, eaten lobsters fresh off the boat in Maine and dined on Alberta beef, but nothing in my gastronomical experience compares to the authentic Mexican food served at this little, unpretentious, family owned restaurant on Old Philadelphia Ave.

This is authentic Mexican food. Hell, I've eaten some great food at little restaurants in Mexico itself, and they aren't as good as what is served at Fiesta Mexicana. This isn't Tex Mex, so don't go expecting limp quesadillas or nacho chips in an imitation wicker bowl. Go instead with your traditional expectations as to what constitutes "Mexican" food set on hold and revel in the glory of the real thing. Frederico, the chef and owner, makes everything from scratch, so be prepared to wait a bit after you order, but the wait is well worth it. Enchiladas garnished liberally with cheese, sauce and cilantro. Tacos stuffed with tasty shredded beef, served with ample lime wedges to squirt over your food, quesadillas so crisp, tender and tasty that they make a strong man cry.....All of it adds up to an explosion of flavor destined to be devoured in a mindless orgy of epicurean delight. I actually growled a bestial "stay away from my food" warning at my beautiful wife (no, I really actually didn't, but I wanted to) when she reached over to share some of my food. It's just that good.

Seriously folks, I've enjoyed some hyperbole in this entry, but if you like Mexican food, you HAVE to go to Fiesta Mexicana. It's about a mile in towards the city on Rt7 near the old Golden Ring Mall. From Towson it's the first exit after I-95, and coming from Dundalk it's the first exit after Rt 40. Go there. Go there now. You won't regret it.

As a coda I offer only my experience from tonight. Some friends suggested that we go out to eat at El Salto, a pretty mean Mexican restaurant in Parkville that they frequently patronized. I suggested Fiesta Mexicana instead. My friends had never heard of it, but they went. As my friend Mike pushed back from the table, his belly bulging, he said "You know, I'm kinda going to miss El Salto, I had a lot of good times there". Once you try the food at Fiesta Mexicana, you'll feel the same way. Nothing else even comes close.

Oh, and don't miss the ice cold Mexican Cokes they serve there, made with real sugar (not corn syrup), served in glass (not plastic) bottles. It's almost as good as the food itself, Coke the way Coke was meant to be. For a Coke head like myself, it's as close to heaven as I'm likely to get.

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Lots of reviews!

So I moved to Baltimore a few months ago, and a few weeks ago I realized I still haven't eaten at many places. I decided it was time to go out and eat!

Since then, I've made a conscious effort to seek out new places and give them a whirl. Here's what I've checked out so far:

Chicken Rico: Slightly west of Patterson park, most people here have probably eaten here, so you already know that it's pretty great. The ambiance is nil, but they have very flavorful, rotisserie-cooked Peruvian-style chicken. I got a quarter chicken, yucca, plantains, and a coke for about $7, and I've got at least another meal left. I only wish that I got the dark meat quarter (they didn't ask, and I didn't specify), because mine was slightly dry, which seems (from other reviews) pretty abnormal for their chicken. The skin is great, though- nice and crispy, and well-flavored from the green spread they use to flavor it. The sides were pretty good too. My only question is that they gave me two sauces with the meal, and I have no idea what they were for-- one was spicy and green, and one tasted like a mayo/mustard mix, which was pretty good on the yucca. Anyone know?

Joe Squared: Charles Village. I read that the City Paper named this the "Best Pizza in Baltimore" on their Best of Baltimore list this year. So I was curious, and got the Chicken, Corn and Apple Pizza:
Tomato sauce, chicken, Vidalia onion, corn, granny smith apples, crushed red pepper, rosemary, mozzarella, provolone and cheddar cheeses.
I hope they were just having an off-night, because this pizza was pretty terrible. I was so disappointed. They bill themselves as "baltimore's only charcoal-grilled pizza", and it's easy to see why they are the only ones: mine was horribly burned on the bottom, and it tasted like I was eating a charcoal briquette. I had to peel the bottom off just to make it slightly edible. Then, they mention that there is crushed red pepper, but the pizza was so spicy, I could barely eat it. I read a review that says that they wished they could taste the pepper a little more, and the reviewer got their wish: it was overwhelming. The apple was almost non-existent, practically minced, so that it got lost in the burned charcoal and spicy pepper flavors.

My dining partner had a burger, and he said it was good (I didn't try it). The burger came with some fries, which were fine.

I really hope it was just an off-night for the place, and that it's not always like that (otherwise, what's up with City Paper?), but I was disappointed.

Last, Paper Moon Diner: In Charles Village. Probably everyone knows about this place, too, since it seems to be something of an institution from what I can gather. Anyway, all the food was really good here, if a bit overpriced for a diner ($2.50 for a cup of tea? Give me a break). I had the "Hella Portabella" sandwich, which was marinaded portabella mushrooms with baby spinach, mozzarella cheeze, and maybe something else (?) on foccacia. I got a side of onion rings. Sooo good. I downed the whole thing, and even the onion rings were good--nice fat slices of onion, none of those weird skinny onion rings, like fast food places.
The other person I was with got a burger (seeing a trend here?), and fries, both of which he said were really good. I tried the fries-- they were really good fries. Crispy outside, soft inside, didn't taste like the inside of someone's freezer. You know the type. I'd go back just for the fries, but everything was quite good.
My only gripe would be that the mannequins inside the place started to make me a little queasy, but that's probably just me: mannequin torsos in weird positions with stuff glued to them apparently freak me out. The place is kitschy as hell, and I'm sure I'll be back (and just sit with my back to the mannequins).

Any other places I should check out? I'm looking for places that it's expected I will have eaten at while living in Baltimore. I guess Bertha's makes the list, but I don't know what else... anyone?

Looking for a restaurant

I'm not really that new to Baltimore (I've lived here 2 years) but I've been studying and haven't really gotten out. I just passed step 1 of the boards for med. school and my parents are coming down next week to take me out to dinner to celebrate. I wanted to try something different then the Irish pub I frequently go to with them. I live near the University of Maryland Hospital so the Harbor/ Downtown/ Fells Point or Federal Hill are all possibilities. I like seafood and some American style restaurants (I think that might be all everyone in my family would agree on). More then $30 an entree is probably too much. Do any of you have any suggestions?

Fight stupid laws - Trans Fats edition.

If you haven't seen, Baltimore City is getting ready to pass a ban on trans fats. The City’s proposed trans-fat ban is insipid for a couple of reasons.

First, it is absolutely not City government’s place to determine your diet. The ban forbids restaurants from using “vegetable shortening, margarine or any kind of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil”. The City is taking your right to decide how your breakfast is cooked. Obviously, the City knows more about your heart health than you and your doctor.

Second, the bill is a rush job. The proposed ordinance is a half-baked jumble of holes, scare tactics and buzz words. Think for a second: if this bill was proposed ten years ago, what horror-of-the-day would have been on the list to ban? Eggs? Pork? Whole milk? In a year or two, when the failures of this bill become apparent, do you think they will rescind the law, or try to “fix” it with more restrictive language and harsh penalties?

Most importantly, the ban will have a disparate impact on the poorest neighborhoods and smallest restaurants. As stated in The Sun article, some restaurants are moving away from trans fats right now, but these are the ones with the most means to do so - chains and large shops.

This is not the case in small restaurants or corner stores. Many smaller businesses round out their menus with prepared appetizers and desserts. You may go to the corner bar for their fantastic homemade crab soup, but they make a lot of their revenue off of the Sysco buffalo wings or Schwan's cheesecake. These prepared items will only become more expensive, if they’re allowed into the City at all. Further, the onus of record keeping, even for foods without nutrition information, is placed solely on the restaurant owner.

All of this is going to come down very hard on the small restaurants, cutting into an already narrow margin of survival. So, while expensive restaurants in the Harbor support the ban, affordable places in Waverly, Highlandtown or Remington are just going to be driven into the ground.

Don’t let garbage like this pass. City government doesn’t have the wits to keep the buses safe and the roads fixed. It really does not have the sense to determine your diet or the fate of your favorite restaurant.

Write to the city council at: 100 N. Holliday Street, Suite 400 Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Call the city council at: 410-396-4804
Fax the city council at: 410-539-0647

Write The Sun at: letters@baltsun.com
Fax The Sun at: 410-332-6977

Jan. 15th, 2008

Has anyone else noticed a serious decline in the food at the Owl Bar? I feel like they used to be pretty solid, but the last few times I've been have been disappointing. Last Tuesday I was there with my folks and ordered the rare tuna steak. The quality of the tuna wasn't great, but I'm almost positive that the sauce that it was drowned in was a mix of BBQ sauce and salsa.


i know i've seen this in one of the Baltimore communities...but i can't find it. it was a list where you put in your address and they'd have a spectacular list of local restaurants, etc. who would provide either takeout or delivery...and all had full menus, minimum charge for delivery order, distance from entered location, etc.

here at work, we're almost desperate to find it again...but here's the problem. i tried doing a google search, which turned up:

and none of the above fit what i'm trying to find. can anyone help me, or is this a needle/haystack search?

xposted to a few locations.

*EDIT* it's http://www.fetchfood.com thanks, bohemianeditor

Fantastic Mexican (in the suburbs)

I wrote this a while ago, but wanted to repost it to the list. We have gone back to Kiko's a couple of times for lunches and dinners, and the food is still excellent. However, they're tucked in dying strip mall and need some love and attention. Please visit them, because I want them to stay open so I can continue to get my fix of hibiscus tea and carne guisada. Enjoy:

In search of a breakfast place in the barren wastes surrounding Belair Road, blythefishy and I stumbled across Kiko's Mexican Restaurant. Located in the shopping center at the corner of Silver Spring Road and Belair Road, Kiko's is so good, I had to give it some props.


This is not that Don Pablo's shit. Kiko's has the good stuff. They have the burritos and tamales and all, done completely right. Blythefishy almost ate the guacamole bowl. Their Mexican coffee and pastries will knock your socks off.

I had the chorizo and eggs. The chorizo was formed by the hands of the minced meat god himself. It was a sausage was not to be taunted with pedestrian condiments like ketchup. It demanded a sacrifice of unborn poultry children. The refried beans were not to be scoffed at either.

And what's really awesome is the price. The prices are not unreasonable to begin with. Burritos for $4. Dinners for $8. But there is a bonus. For lunch, they kock 50% off. We got out for $14. Such affordability prompted Blythefishy's say "I feel like we stole something".

Go. Go now. It is imperative that you go and support quality ethnic food in this city. Don't fall for the lies of the Mexi-corporate chain's regime of awful. Viva la revolution!


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