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Dining in Baltimore

restaurant reviews and more

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Welcome, everyone, to the Baltimore Dining community! I'm ksausville, one of your community maintainers (the other being sausville).

We founded this community as a place for both residents of and visitors to Baltimore to learn about all of the dining options that Charm City has to offer. From your local pizza delivery place to high-end haute cuisine, Baltimore's got it all, and this is where you can learn about it! Feel free to post whatever you want about a restaurant; each entry will be classified into the community memories, so that if you're searching for impressions of a particular restaurant, you'll just need to click on the Memories section, the name of the restaurant, and then all of the posts relating to that restaurant will appear.

You should also feel free to ask the membership if we are familiar with a particular restaurant, but please check the Memories first to see if anything has already been posted.

Some rules of the road:

1. Leave comments enabled and unscreened. We do ask, however, that if your comment is based on your own experience, that you post your own entry, so that both can be added to the Memories for that restaurant.
2. No off-topic posts. This also means no advertising your own community here. There are plenty of places on LiveJournal to advertise your community; if it is irrelevant to dining in Baltimore, than you will be banned, no questions asked. Let's stay on topic here.
3. If possible, please add basic restaurant information. This is optional, but a lot of people would find it helpful if you could add a link to the restaurant's website, basic contact information (address, phone number, etc.), hours of operation, a Google Map link, and so forth . . . again, entirely optional, but always helpful.

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