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Fiesta Mexicana

Fiesta Mexicana. Fiesta Mexicana. Fiesta Mexicana. Remember that name. Fiesta Mexicana is a little authentic Mexican restaurant in Rosedale, and it serves the finest food I have ever tasted. I like to eat, and I appreciate good food. I've gorged myself at Fogo de Chão, eaten lobsters fresh off the boat in Maine and dined on Alberta beef, but nothing in my gastronomical experience compares to the authentic Mexican food served at this little, unpretentious, family owned restaurant on Old Philadelphia Ave.

This is authentic Mexican food. Hell, I've eaten some great food at little restaurants in Mexico itself, and they aren't as good as what is served at Fiesta Mexicana. This isn't Tex Mex, so don't go expecting limp quesadillas or nacho chips in an imitation wicker bowl. Go instead with your traditional expectations as to what constitutes "Mexican" food set on hold and revel in the glory of the real thing. Frederico, the chef and owner, makes everything from scratch, so be prepared to wait a bit after you order, but the wait is well worth it. Enchiladas garnished liberally with cheese, sauce and cilantro. Tacos stuffed with tasty shredded beef, served with ample lime wedges to squirt over your food, quesadillas so crisp, tender and tasty that they make a strong man cry.....All of it adds up to an explosion of flavor destined to be devoured in a mindless orgy of epicurean delight. I actually growled a bestial "stay away from my food" warning at my beautiful wife (no, I really actually didn't, but I wanted to) when she reached over to share some of my food. It's just that good.

Seriously folks, I've enjoyed some hyperbole in this entry, but if you like Mexican food, you HAVE to go to Fiesta Mexicana. It's about a mile in towards the city on Rt7 near the old Golden Ring Mall. From Towson it's the first exit after I-95, and coming from Dundalk it's the first exit after Rt 40. Go there. Go there now. You won't regret it.

As a coda I offer only my experience from tonight. Some friends suggested that we go out to eat at El Salto, a pretty mean Mexican restaurant in Parkville that they frequently patronized. I suggested Fiesta Mexicana instead. My friends had never heard of it, but they went. As my friend Mike pushed back from the table, his belly bulging, he said "You know, I'm kinda going to miss El Salto, I had a lot of good times there". Once you try the food at Fiesta Mexicana, you'll feel the same way. Nothing else even comes close.

Oh, and don't miss the ice cold Mexican Cokes they serve there, made with real sugar (not corn syrup), served in glass (not plastic) bottles. It's almost as good as the food itself, Coke the way Coke was meant to be. For a Coke head like myself, it's as close to heaven as I'm likely to get.

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